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Learn how to land a remote career that you love in this 30 day accelerated program. Taught by former educator and Founder of Remote Like Me, Taylor Lane, this is NOT your average teacher training.

Are you fed up with teaching?

If you started your digital nomad lifestyle as an online tutor or travel teacher, and you're starting to outgrow this role, it's time to ditch class for a remote career that you LOVE!

Ready for your next step in life?

If you want a more stable source of income with time and location freedom to boot, then a remote career is your next step in life.

Feel like online teaching is the only chance you've got?

Let me show you all of your options! There are tons of remote careers available for people like you.
There's a special sauce in all educators and I'm going to help you bring that out so that you can land your dream remote job.

30 Day Fast Track

Join me for 30 days where you'll learn all you need to know in order to ditch class forever and land a remote career you LOVE!

Group Calls

You'll have the opportunity to ask me anything on a weekly basis when we have our group check-in calls.

Targeted Trainings

Each week I'll give a presentation to help you transition from teaching to an online career of your choice.

Expert Advice

Learn from exclusive interviews with people who have made the transition from online teacher to remote professional.


Choose an accountability partner to work with this month. You'll do check-ins each week to stay on track.


I teach results driven strategies to help you go remote ASAP! Learn exactly how to ditch class for a remote job you love.

Not Your Average Teacher Training

  • Learn how to effectively highlight your online tutoring, travel teaching, volunteering, and other non-traditional work experience on your resume.
  • Discover your special sauce and how it can help you land your dream job!
  • See what kind of remote jobs are out there now, waiting for former teachers like you to apply.
  • Get advice from employers and career consultants on special topics throughout our program.

Who Will Be Training You?

Hi! My name is Taylor and I'm a former educator just like you're about to be. I’m the girl who literally went from zero to digital nomad in a matter of weeks. As someone with zero job experience outside of teaching, besides bartending, I had no idea how I'd reach my goal of working for a remote company. I used some specific strategies to find quality remote jobs, make my application stand out, and nail the interview. Then I created Remote Like Me, where I teach those strategies to people like you who want to start working online. Since then, tons of people have been getting remote jobs. I have been waiting to run this program for a year! It's time that I help an educator like you, who is starting out just like I did, ditch class forever and land your dream remote career.

Weekly Payment Plan Available (4 installments)
Request your payment plan with Taylor@remotelikeme.com

Recent Results from the Program


Remote Travel Coordinator

I have an email offering me a job with Pana to join their travel team! Thank you so much for all your help in helping me make travelling and remote working a reality for me! That course was amazing and I went back and reviewed it before the interview yesterday and it made ALL the difference!


Customer Success Manager

Taylor's course was just the boost I needed for my resume to get noticed. Before the program, my resume was bland and didn't really show my personality. After following Taylor's suggestions, I felt like my resume was an actual reflection of me and not just a bunch of Googled keywords thrown together in a paragraph and bullet points. As a result, I found an amazing remote career.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does this program start?
    We begin May 29th. The program runs for 30 days, ending on June 29th.

  • What are the times I need to be available?
    The program content gets delivered every Tuesday for 4 weeks. You can complete each training video and course work whenever you have the time. The time and dates of the weekly live group calls depend on the majority vote in the group.

  • What kind of support will I receive?
    We have a private FB group for support throughout the program. There is also a course workbook and calendar of events so you can stay on track. You can get personal coaching from me by checking that option on the check out page.

  • Are payment plans available?
    Yes, and it doesn't come at any additional cost. Please email Taylor@remotelikeme.com to request your weekly payment plan for this 30 day program.

A quick note from me . . .

Weekly Payment Plan Available (4 installments)
Request your payment plan with Taylor@remotelikeme.com

More Praise for the Program!


Travel Program Leader

After watching Taylor's videos about job hunting with Facebook last week, I introduced myself to a few Facebook groups and included a link to my resume. In less than 2 days, my resume had over 600 views! I've had at least 5 freelance opportunities come my way since, a great job interview yesterday AND, unexpectedly, at least 25 people have reached out to me interested in having me design their resumes. I've even inspired people to make their own travel maps. Long story short, thank you Taylor for all of your great advice!


Freelance Editor

I liked getting your job listings during the course. It was nice to see a variety and get an idea of what is out there. It was nice to see other canva resumes. I was glad to have the Facebook group where people could share those privately. It is also nice to get materials in google drive so I can refer back to them. I did get the functional editing freelance job and they gave me work the next week! And I've done jobs for them each week since.